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Solomon Color ConcreteGuidobono Concrete stocks 68 Solomon Colors and can special order additional Solomon, Legacy and Brickform products.  Solomon Color, Inc. is an industry leader in colored conrete.  We have posted a color chart for your review. You can download a PDF color chart for a complete list of colors. 
Click here to download the Solomon Colors brochure PDF color chart.
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  • NOTE: Color Samples These color chips represent shades of Integral Colors based on 94 lbs. gray Type I-II Portland cement with 4″ slump. Use this chart as a guideline only. The colors may not exactly represent the final color. Shade variations of the cement and aggregate plus variations in the volume of water, the addition of admixtures and other additives may have an effect on the design mix and final color. We recommend that a test slab be poured and approved prior to the start of the job. 
  • Please note that monitors, computer videos card and device’s screen setting can create deviations on color representation…contact us for more information.


413 Colony Red

413 Clay

413 Terra Cotta

417 Rose

417 Brick Red

417 Apple Red

489 Dusty Rose

489 Light Plum

489 Dark Redwood

288 Rosemary

288 Ginger

288 Straw

750 Desert Tan

750 Salmon

750 Peach

366 Blush

366 Dk. Blush

366 Natural Red

755 Sand

775 Cedar

775 Sedona

755 Trail Dust

755 Driftwood

755 Apricot

306 Canvas

306 Toffee

306 Cinnamon

238 Thyme

238 Doeskin

238 Marogold

338 Earthen

338 Rawhide

338 Leather

385 Taupe

385 Lava

385 Bark

242 Sandstone

242 Sahara

242 Nutmeg

492 Mauve

492 Merlot

492 Garnet

5092 Olive

5092 Sage
5092 Avocade
5092 Avocado
920 Slate Solomon Colors
920 Slate
920 Smoke Solomon Colors
920 Smoke
Solomon Colors 920 Onyx
920 Onyx